• Optimize your milking operations with proven, guaranteed Milking systems and Milking cooling solutions


  • Advanced milking solutions, led by best milk measurement technologies, quality control systems, simplify and streamline the milking process to save time, improve accuracy and drive overall efficiency.


  • Based on our development started almost four decades ago and continually improved over the years, our milking intelligence technologies have become the leading standard in the market. They were developed hand-in-hand with dairy farmers to address farmers’ needs for an efficient and productive milking process that would not require special skills.
    Milking systems and Milking cooling solutions


  • Our milking components are implemented as standalone solutions suited to dairies of every size and type. You can start with a small or simple setup and later upgrade as your needs change, no matter what milking parlor you have.
    Milking solutions chosen by farmers worldwide


  • Successful farmers around the world depend on our milking technology and solutions. 



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